2023-2025 Executive Board

The Executive Board, consisting of elected and appointed members, acts to establish and implement policies, as needed.


Headshot Name Delegation Short Description Connect
Lillian M. Davis Chapter President
 Terri Porter Holmes 1st Vice President Program Planning & Development Chair
Jessica Faison-Johnson 2nd Vice President Membership Services Chair
Daphne Carter Wright 3rd Vice President Fundraising & Grants
Tina Cothran Recording Secretary
Rhonda Wright Assistant Recording Secretary
 Phyllis Wade


Corresponding Secretary

Angela Smith Treasurer Budget & Finance Chair
VACANT Assistant Treasurer
Tierra M. Hobley Financial Secretary
Priscilla Awkard Assistant Financial Secretary
Sydney Coles Assistant Financial Secretary Scholarship Gala
 Montez Bates Internal Audit Audit and Compliance Chair
Teakia Sabb Parliamentarian Policies & Procedures Chair
Belindia Taylor Sergeant-At-Arms
Aigne Taylor Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms
Debra C. McKoy Chaplain Chaplains Council Chair
Beronica Cathey Custodian
Stephanie Winters Hamer Assistant Custodian
Angela C. Hatton Immediate Past President

Patricia Brown
Laura Murray
Action Plan Committee

Linda Douglas


Phyllis Wade

Arts & Letters Committee
Jane Fox Long National Marrow Donor Program
(NMDP Partnership)

Tami Chavis


Cynthia Whitney

Collegiate Connection Taskforce
Theresa Avery Comm & PR – Chair Journalist

Marsha Bailey


Nicole Melton

Delta Ensemble Committee

Jessica Simmons


Tiana Robinson

Domestic Violence Committee

Georgia Smith-Marsalis


Valerie Lott

Emergency Response Team (ERT) Committee

Sheila Bazemore


Devin Graham

F.O.C.U.S. Taskforce Focusing on Community Uplift and Service

Sandra Brown


Donna Currie

Fundraising Committee Formerly Ways & Means

Stephanie Cogdell


Kayla Curry

Founders Day Committee

Stephanie Vonne Sanders


Sandra C. Thompson

Fundraising – Crimson & Cream Scholarship Gala




Grant and Proposals 3rd VP Special Committee
Lois Hart Heritage & Archives Historian
Montez Bates Internal Audit Committee

Darlene Gore Brooks


Michelle Cofield

Internal Training Committee

N’Kengie Best


Vanessa Funderburk

May Week Committee
Jessica Faison-Johnson Membership Services Committee (MSC) Chaired by 2nd VP

Madeliene Dobbins


Angela Knox

MSC – Christmas Breakfast

Carlene Byrd


Shirley Hinton

MSC – Delta D.E.A.R.S. Dedicated, Energetic, Active, Respected Sorors

Rosalind Redd


ViMiller Simmons

MSC – Hospitality and Courtesies Formerly Amenities

Tyra Burt


Tynia Allison

MSC – Step Squad
Ida Dawson Nominating Committee Chair


Nominating Committee Members: Carol Burt, Sheree Bruinton, Hali Coleman, Laverne Harrison, Sigmon Zeleke

Terri Porter Holmes Program Planning & Development (PPD) Chaired by 1st VP

Angela Ward Benjamin


Betsy Young

PPD – Awards

Teresa Connor


VonGretchen Pough

PPD – Economic Development


Loria Glenn 


PPD – Educational Development (ED)




PPD – ED – Delta Academy For young ladies ages 11-14 with STEAM focus.

Moszetta “Mo” Johnson


Alyssa Brown

PPD – ED – D.E.L.T.A. Carousel Development Education Leadership Talent Achievement. Grades K-12.

Tamika Gilchrist


Gloria Wilcox

PPD – ED – Delta GEMS Institute Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully. For girls between 14-18 in grades 9-12.

Marilyn Rosenborough


Vinita Lane

PPD – International Awareness and Involvement (IAI)

Virginia Hill


Kamira T. Jones

PPD – Physical and Mental Health (Health)

Helen Best


Destiney Nettles Cross

PPD – Health – Meals on Wheels

Tina Irving


Dreama McCoy

PPD – Risk Management

Tina Berryman


DeAndrea Newsome

PPD – Political Awareness Social Action

Genevieve Farmer


Jakki Wilder

Protocol & Traditions Committee

Jewel Hayes


Daphne Carter Wright

Rituals and Ceremonies Committee

Danita Curry


Robin Dunkins

Scholarship Committee
Bridgette Wilson Technology Committee (Tech) Tech Chair
Devin Graham Tech – Chapter Meeting In-Person Meeting Support
Hiliary Johnson Tech – Webinar Lead Virtual Meeting Support
 Tiana Robinson Tech – Website Lead Webmaster